About 3P
German 3P Technik Filtersysteme GmbH Co. was founded in 1993, headquartered in Donzdorf of Southern Germany, a research developer and manufacturer of rainwater cleaning systems, with branches in Spain, U.K, Portugal, Poland, Italy, Australia and U.S.A. 3P has long been the forerunner in the market of underground rainwater filter, ground rainwater collector/rainwater tank, and components for integrated system.

3P products have won DIBT (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik) Award and 2013 Green Technology Award!

We always dedicate ourselves to product innovation and R&D to increase our customers’ competitive edge and to provide them with the most complete and advanced rainwater solutions.

Our mission is environmental protection and water recycling.

Product Introduction
Decentralized stormwater treatment is becoming more and more interesting for authorities and planners in recent years. It is seen as an important measure regarding the implementation of the Rainwater Harvesting, as it can be applied specifically and therefore cost-effective.

It is able to filter and bind pollutants like PAH´s, HC´s, heavy metals like Cd, Zn, Cu, Pb as well as phosphate and ammonium. The pollutants then can be disposed of specifically and easily. Thus the stormwater of highly frequented roads (parking sites and roads), industrial real estates and metal roofs can be cleaned directly on site and can be drained away or discharged into a surface water.

3P Decentralized Stormwater Processor

01.Rainwater Inlet
03.Sediment Basket
04.Maintenance Opening for Cleaning
05.Removal Handle, Chamber Handle
06.Rubber Seal (Ø 30 mm)
07.Filter Element with Substrate and Cover made of Stainless Steel
08.Lifting Eye for Filter Removal
09.Latch for Buoyancy Protection
10.Emergency Overflow
11.Cleaned Water Outlet to Tank or to Infiltration System
12.Telescopic Extension

3P Decentralized Stormwater Processor Framework

01.Rainwater from discharge area is drained to the inlet at the bottom of chimney drain through radial flow by adjustment of deflector.
02.Granules, especially sand grains, will sediment in hydrodynamic separator through turbulent fluctuation effect of secondary radial laminar flow.
03.Solid granules are collected through silt chamber. Chamber can be regu larly emptied at spacing between bypass center pipes.
04.There are four filter elements in the screen drain chimney. Tiny granules are separated through upward water flow while dissolved pollutants can also sediment and be absorbed. Screens can be back flushed easily, and also easily replaced in case of complete blockage or functional failure.
05.Clean water in filter element will pass through an oil separator and then be discharged. In case of major leak, free floating oil elements will be preserved in the oil separator while soluble oil of standard concentration will remain in filter element.

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