Jiangsu sosoon Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., formerly Nanjing Huitong Engineering Co., Ltd., has been dedicated to R&D and marketing of innovated building drainage technologies and products for over a decade. Jiangsu Jinchi is a specialist in building drainage system and mainly engages in engineering design of building drainage, production of materials, technical consulting, construction, installation and after sales services.
The company has, since 2000,build up extensive experience through quantity of awarded engineering works in siphonic roof drain system and same-floor bathroom drain system, with demonstrative projects in locations covering 33 provinces, cities and municipalities in China. These diversified projects involved public infrastructure (railway terminal, airport, exhibition center, stadium, grand theater), commercial infrastructure (museum, library, commercial center, furniture plaza, villa, apartment, hotel, residence), and industrial infrastructure (factory, logistics center). The company is also dedicated to Research and Development in application of ground level linear drainage system, HDPE building drainage system, and rainwater recycling and harvesting system.
Building drainage system has great potential in market development, bright market prospect, and great future for further development. There is big demand of our technologically advanced and cost-effective products in the market as they can solve functional problems for customers and are highly praised in the industry for our forward-looking concepts. The company’s well-developed sales and distribution network, with 15 offices all over east, north, central, south, and northwest China, all crewed by teams of designers and market support staff, serves customers by providing technical supports such as professional design for individual cases and instruction for construction to ensure qualities of engineering and after sales services.
As our effort to share our advanced and effective drainage technologies with others in the construction industry in an early stage so more buildings can benefit from our best developed drainage solution, we cordially invite new dealers all over China for our product lines.
Our commitment: By joining us, you not only strengthen our existing regional sale team but also will bring appreciable business return to yourself.
Our commitment: Apart from your market participation, we will like always provide strong market support and business information.
Our commitment: You not only receive the dealership of an excellent brand but also can enjoy business supports such as free training of staff, visit to customers, and investigation tour.
We are ready for partnership with dealers. We will continue to supply series of products with advanced features, excellent quality and affordable prices as well as guaranteed services to build a high-end platform for building drainage product lines and to join hand in hand with dealers for a win-win future.
Responsibilities of Dealers:
1.Make all-out effort to promote Huitong products and provide relevant value-added services
2. Take initiative or coordinate to promote the brand image of Huitong products, and to instinctively protect corporate image
3. Perform distribution agreement and comply with relevant provisions.
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